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I am a very enthusiastic Airedale Terrier, born in Ohio, and living with the two coolest people, my Mom and Dad. They adopted me in December last year, and I really like living with them. I have a feline brother named Winston, and a new K9 brother - a Lakeland Terrier. Yippee!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The TRIP was a HOOT!!

Dad said, we were leaving at the butt-crack of dawn...wonder when that is? I am ready!!

Can I get a steak sandwich? Could you make the steak raw? Thanks!!

You get to West Virginia from Ohio over a l-o-n-n-n-g bridge.
I have never been to West Virginia before! Yip!pee!!!

Hmmm, Ravenswood, where Character Counts! They really oughto love me here, cause I am a real character!!

Virginia! Yip!pee! Does this mean we are there yet, Dad? ... Mom?
Hey! Where's Linus if this is Virginia??

Dad said, this is a satellite view of HollyBriar Farm, the kennel where Linus was born
He said you had to use a satellite, cause this place was HARD to find - well, he used some other words too, but I didn't listen to them!

That's him? My new brother? LINUSSSSS!!! Hey! You're cute!

We get to touch noses, finally! Dad got lost, of course, after leaving Briar Hill Farms, and we got a real tour of tidewater Virginia. And finally, Mom convinced him to ask directions, and we got back on track, and found Williamsburg and our hotel

He's got such a cute face!

Why is it, when I look at this picture, I see a lot of trouble ahead...for me?

I am JUST as cute as he is...hunh? Well, hunh?

Uhh! Ya'll do remember, I am here too?!

Time for a rest - it's been a long, long day!


  1. OMD!

    It is going to be soooo much fun watching him grow up!


  2. OMD what a cute little bro! Did you get to tour Williamsburg? What hotel did you find that would accept 2 pooches? Is Linus potty trained already? So many qq. Our mommy says it is one of the best places to see the beginnings of our history. Now we want to go too. Send more pictures our way! Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  3. Ciao Penelope e Linus!

    A big welcome home to your piccolo fratello, Pen. He certainly is a cutie pie, and he looks pretty snuggly, too. I'll bet he's going to love having a big sissie like you to play with. (And to help teach him!)

    Keep us, er, posted (hee hee) on how the two of you are doing!

    Tanti baci!

  4. Oh boy he is really really cute...but then so are you! You had better lock up all your toys...these little ones have a habit of stealing them.......Love A+A

  5. Penelope...should I call you Penny? Your mom is Susie Q, right??? Mine was Bubbles and she died when I was 12 hours old...so Susie nursed our litter and her own litter...17 Dale pups...what a woman!

    Mumsie talked to Grandma Cathy of Bobcat Kennels and she was sooooooooooooo excited that ur blogging!!! Basically, they both were freaking out...it was embarassing!!! Your bro Murph lives here in Pittsburgh...he and I met at daycare...it's a long story, but we have pics of him and me together...I just look like a bigger version of him!

    Did you see our post we did on you guys?

    Go back a week or so...it's there!

    So ya have a Lakie bro...U don't know the half of it girl!

    But I have heard the boyz are more laid back than the girls! Is he goin' after your beardie yet?

    Lacie's still in the horsepital...poor girl...this is totally messin' up her social life!

    Gotta run...pee mail us...kreitm@gmail.com

    So you had a wire foxy before? Wow...can we have much more in common???

    Love ya lots, Sweet Penelope!

    Babystan...just call me Stanley!

    Hooge welcome barks at little Linus!

  6. OMG, Linus is adorable but you're pretty cute yourself, ya know, Penelope! Make sure Linus doesn't get any more hugs than you do! You two are going to have SO MUCH FUN!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Oh my dogness, Linus is adorable - we love puppies!!!! And woo, of course, ARE a character and a very beautiful one at that. Woo two look just perfect resting together. Teach Linus well.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  8. Sweet Pen Pen!

    SO glad you dad finally asked for directions, or you guys may still be wandering around the wilds of Virginia! (Way to GO, mom!)

    Linus is stinkin' cute, as I knew he'd be. You on the other hand are fabulously GORGEOUS, and just enough bigger than he is to get him to follow YOUR lead. I do hope you still have a beard (girls with beards are SO CUTE)! My beard went away within the first couple of days.

    Whenever you get the time give us a rundown on his personality. Is he laid back? Is he bossy? Does he seem to like to snuggle? Does he like bitey face? (I have more questions, but these will do for now.)

    How COOL that you and BabyStan (Lacie's Aire brother) are related! It sure is a small world.

    Goober love & smooches,

  9. omdog the CUTENESS!!! That refers to BOTH of you of course. It is nice to meet Linus!

  10. Penelope
    You awe gowgeous and youw new baby bwuvvew is adowable..I think he will be a pawful fow suwe, but I'm suwe you'll have a ball teaching him all you know!!!
    I think you awe welated to my BFF Lacie's Bwuvvew Stanley..Not my Twue love Stanley of goobewstan..they'we bof so hot it's easy to confoose them..I of couwse know the diffewence, cause the goob has my heawt, and babyStan, well, he's a baby, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  11. Linus is very cute and so small! What a gorgeous pale color - will he darken at all or is that it? Of course, you are very good looking too Penelope - hard to go past an Airedale for cuteness.

    I hope you two have wonderful, fun times together. I'm sure your people will.


  12. How cute is Linus. You both look gorgeous. You're right about his face....that's trouble in the making Pen! I'm sure he'll keep you on your toes. You're going to have a great playmate there.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  13. Oowh! Linus is so cute, and you're sharing a cusshion. You're going to have so much fun!
    Finni & Nelly xx

  14. How's Linus, Penny?? He looks to be an adorable Lakie boy!!!! How's the potty trainin' going??

    How old is little Linus? Does he date?

    Barkin' at ya both!!!

    Love and kissies,


  15. Linus is just toooooo cute! Of course, you are a cutie, too, Penelope! Watch out for his shark teeth! You will have soooooo much fun with him!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches