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I am a very enthusiastic Airedale Terrier, born in Ohio, and living with the two coolest people, my Mom and Dad. They adopted me in December last year, and I really like living with them. I have a feline brother named Winston, and a new K9 brother - a Lakeland Terrier. Yippee!!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi everybody!!

Hey to all my dale Sisters and Brothers out there, and to all you sisters and brothers of lesser, less regal breeds, like this nuisance, Linus, a Lakey! Man, if mom and dad had told me what a poot-head he was going to be, I would have refused to go to Virginia to get him. Always in my face, always chewing on me, always picking out the best toys.

But all in all, when he ain't in the room, I am miserable. He is gettin' cuter every day, but not nearly as cute as me.

My sister Megan came by today and met Linus for the first time -- I wish Mom and Dad had taken some pictures...she thinks he is really cute too. Golly, this is getting tiresome.

Well, that's enough for tonight - Dad is getting our dinner ready - and I saw him order Pizza just a minute ago, so I know there are tasties coming.

More later....Airehugs and Airekisses - Penelope

PS - Linus still has the runnin' trotts! Wish he would pull himself together.




    Oh yes...he's a khutie!

    He might even surpass woo know who THE LAKIE GIRRRRRL fur khuteness!

    Enjoy him - and make sure woo teach him almost all your trikhks!


  2. PIZZA?!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope you guys get the crust parts...Love A+A

  3. Aaaaw, Linus is such a lovely looking chappie. We are sure you will have loads of fun and games with him in the future.

    Hope his tummy gets better very soon.

    Molly and Taffy

  4. PIZZA! OMG, our paws are crossed that you get a crust or two!
    When Mitch first came home to live with us he had runny poo too and mom took him to the vet and he had worms! All it took was a pill or two and he was all better! Maybe Linus has worms? It's not uncommon in puppies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Oh no Linus still has the runs. Poor little fella. Hopefully he'll get over it soon.
    The pizza sounds pretty good.


  6. We just had pizza too! well mom and the bf did, I had a crust though. Question the bridge in West Virginia looks very familiar, what part were you near?

  7. Penelope and Linus
    Glad the days awe getting bettew and bettew.Penelpe, I bet pwetty soon you'l want him awound all the time, (well maybe not until he stops having the wuns and shawkie teefs, heheh)
    love nd asmoochie kisses

  8. Penelope, I know all about it. I sometimes wish Tanner would do something to not look so cute and lovable.

  9. Cute is good, but you know, you are pretty darn cute yourself! Hope you got a taste of that pizza.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  10. Oh Penelope you are so cute too. You're still the TD (top dog)so don't feel bad if it seems the little runt is getting all the attention right now. When Hootie came to live with us everyone was oooing and ahhhing over him too. Now that he's a little older his true, unruley self has come out! I may weigh about 40# more than he does, but I'm still the cutest. (He has shifty eyes. he he) We do hope that Linus feels better soon. You don't want him to dehydrate from the poopoos. XOXO-BabyRD

  11. Hi Penelope and Linus! We sure hope Linus is feeling much better by now!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  12. Hello there!

    What cute pups you both are!\
    Can we be fur friends?

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy of DOg Woods

  13. Penelope, Where are you?? We miss you girl.
    XO-BabyRD & Hootie

  14. Penelope
    It sounds like you have youw paws full wif that little bwuvvew Linus, heheh, but I bet you get youw shawe of fun too. Hope his twots awe gone
    smoochie kisses

  15. The youngsters never tire of chewing on us mature, dignified types!
    Miro (Hey, sometimes I don't chew. I eat instead.)

  16. What have the two of you been up to?
    We miss seeing you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch