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I am a very enthusiastic Airedale Terrier, born in Ohio, and living with the two coolest people, my Mom and Dad. They adopted me in December last year, and I really like living with them. I have a feline brother named Winston, and a new K9 brother - a Lakeland Terrier. Yippee!!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi everybody!!

Hey to all my dale Sisters and Brothers out there, and to all you sisters and brothers of lesser, less regal breeds, like this nuisance, Linus, a Lakey! Man, if mom and dad had told me what a poot-head he was going to be, I would have refused to go to Virginia to get him. Always in my face, always chewing on me, always picking out the best toys.

But all in all, when he ain't in the room, I am miserable. He is gettin' cuter every day, but not nearly as cute as me.

My sister Megan came by today and met Linus for the first time -- I wish Mom and Dad had taken some pictures...she thinks he is really cute too. Golly, this is getting tiresome.

Well, that's enough for tonight - Dad is getting our dinner ready - and I saw him order Pizza just a minute ago, so I know there are tasties coming.

More later....Airehugs and Airekisses - Penelope

PS - Linus still has the runnin' trotts! Wish he would pull himself together.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My liddle brothers got somekind of "bug"

Linus is sick. What goes in solid comes out...uhhh, less than solid

Does anybody have any advice? Mom and Dad took him to vettie, but so far, no real...uhhh results...gosh its hard to be lady-like talking about this particular issue...they have tried feeding him pumpkin - he said he was not a vegenarian or something like that...same with boiled rice....but I liked it!
Now, they are feeding us both some stuff out of a tin...where's my chicken, and lamb, and beef, and...oh shoot, now I am hungry! Gotta run - Dad is on his way home to give us somethin' to eat and take us for our midday walk.
If you can help Linus or you have some suggestions, email me at PenelopeAiredale@gmail.com

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hiegh avahbuddy, tism Linus....whaT, Pznopoly? I kinn two tipe....oh okayt!
Hey! Dad! Comunhelp me....Pznopoly - leve me loine - hes comun!
OK, little buddy, what do you want me to say for you?

Linus, the Lion-Hearted Lakey says a Great Big OOWWWHHHHHHEEELLLOOO!!! to all the Terriers, pooches, pups, kittens, hamsters and ferrets that read Penelope's blog.

He says, he is very happy to be a part of this kind-a-nutsie family with the two human people he calls Mum and Dad, his new biggie-sister Penelope and Winston, the funny smelling dog upstairs (Dad here: we have tried and tried to tell Linus that Winston is a cat, but he has not met any cats before and just thinks Winston is a really stuck up dog, that smells funny, is allowed to poo in the house, and has a bad-temper - oh well).

This is me, playing with Penelope's new toy!
I got it, and she don't!!

Oh Poo!! Now she knows I have it...I know what this means...

A Life or Death struggle for Control of the Pink Thing!!

Oh yeah? Well, you ain't so big and tuff that I can't say...
Smell THIS!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The TRIP was a HOOT!!

Dad said, we were leaving at the butt-crack of dawn...wonder when that is? I am ready!!

Can I get a steak sandwich? Could you make the steak raw? Thanks!!

You get to West Virginia from Ohio over a l-o-n-n-n-g bridge.
I have never been to West Virginia before! Yip!pee!!!

Hmmm, Ravenswood, where Character Counts! They really oughto love me here, cause I am a real character!!

Virginia! Yip!pee! Does this mean we are there yet, Dad? ... Mom?
Hey! Where's Linus if this is Virginia??

Dad said, this is a satellite view of HollyBriar Farm, the kennel where Linus was born
He said you had to use a satellite, cause this place was HARD to find - well, he used some other words too, but I didn't listen to them!

That's him? My new brother? LINUSSSSS!!! Hey! You're cute!

We get to touch noses, finally! Dad got lost, of course, after leaving Briar Hill Farms, and we got a real tour of tidewater Virginia. And finally, Mom convinced him to ask directions, and we got back on track, and found Williamsburg and our hotel

He's got such a cute face!

Why is it, when I look at this picture, I see a lot of trouble ahead...for me?

I am JUST as cute as he is...hunh? Well, hunh?

Uhh! Ya'll do remember, I am here too?!

Time for a rest - it's been a long, long day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

He's Home! He's Cute! and I am JEALOUS!!

Pix of Linus probably tomorrow. Didn't get on the 'pooter till late last night, but Linus is home now. And he's soooooo cute and snuggly! and mom and dad like him, but they spend too much time cuddlin' him, and I think I am getting somewhat jealous, but that's ok, cause dad still gives me the greatest butt scratches, and ear scratches, and great snakies too.
So ya'll watch for Linus and me pixs tomorrow, and to all my friends CYA then!
Airehugs and Airesmootchies and Airelove.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Think I will take my octopus to snuggle with!

Mom, Dad and me are going to Virginia, which is somewhere south! OH BOY!! We are going to go pick up my new brother Linus, a Lakeland Terrier, or did I mention that already?
Well, anyway, this is the longest car trip I have EVER been on, so I am going to get Mom and Dad to take a lotta pixures and I am going to leave lots of pee-mail everywhere we stop so anybody following us can see we've been there already. I want to post my pixures as soon as we get back to Ohio.
I hope all my buddies and pals and snugglebunnies will check back on my blog soon and see my new baby brother, Linus. Oh! and I can tell everybody about the trip too. Dad says, we are staying in Williamsburg, which is one of the oldest towns in America, but not as old as St. Augustine, which they say I am going to get to go to maybe in April or May.
See ya!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our deepest sympathies to Lulu & Bogart

Dear Lulu and Bogart,
Our entire family is deeply saddened on hearing of Klaus' passing. We pray for your comfort at this most troubling time. God bless you and we send our love from Ohio to you in California. Aireblessings and Airelove.
Penelope Airedale, Winston the cat, and Penelope's Mom and Dad.