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I am a very enthusiastic Airedale Terrier, born in Ohio, and living with the two coolest people, my Mom and Dad. They adopted me in December last year, and I really like living with them. I have a feline brother named Winston, and a new K9 brother - a Lakeland Terrier. Yippee!!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Think I will take my octopus to snuggle with!

Mom, Dad and me are going to Virginia, which is somewhere south! OH BOY!! We are going to go pick up my new brother Linus, a Lakeland Terrier, or did I mention that already?
Well, anyway, this is the longest car trip I have EVER been on, so I am going to get Mom and Dad to take a lotta pixures and I am going to leave lots of pee-mail everywhere we stop so anybody following us can see we've been there already. I want to post my pixures as soon as we get back to Ohio.
I hope all my buddies and pals and snugglebunnies will check back on my blog soon and see my new baby brother, Linus. Oh! and I can tell everybody about the trip too. Dad says, we are staying in Williamsburg, which is one of the oldest towns in America, but not as old as St. Augustine, which they say I am going to get to go to maybe in April or May.
See ya!!


  1. Penelope we are excited for you!
    We hope your trip goes really smoothly and we are looking forward to reading all about it when you return AND to see photos of Linus.

    Molly and Taffy

  2. Safe travels!

    We khan't wait to see him!

    Please wave hi when woo khome thru Pawsylvania!


  3. Penelope
    This is sooo exciting!
    I hope you have a fantaboolous, safe twip.
    I can't wait to see youw pictoowes and meet youw new baby bwuvvew
    smoochie kisses

  4. ooohhhh we can't wait to meet him!!!!! Love A+A

  5. oooh so so exciting, we can't wait to meet him!

  6. Khyra told us about your blog so we came to say Hi - and now that we hear woo are getting a new baby brother - congrats and we can't wait to meet him too.

    Mom says Williamsburg is beautiful - she visited there in the 1980, ages ago, when her children were little. They had a lot of fun there.

    Nice to meet woo.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Hello there
    It's furry nice to meet you. I came across your blog through Dogs with Blogs. Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends.
    Big licks to you

  8. OH you are gonna have a sweet little brother!! He will worship the ground you trod on. When I joined BabyRocketDog as her little brother I followed her around like...well, a little puppy!! I copied everything she did. She is a tad selfish at times, but mostly I think she is glad to have me around. BEST Wishes & Welshie hugs, Hootie
    Good luck there with the new little addition. You'll need it. ha ha ha. Airekisses, BabyRD

  9. How is it going with Linus, Penelope! We're so anxious to hear!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch