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I am a very enthusiastic Airedale Terrier, born in Ohio, and living with the two coolest people, my Mom and Dad. They adopted me in December last year, and I really like living with them. I have a feline brother named Winston, and a new K9 brother - a Lakeland Terrier. Yippee!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, let me introduce myself...

My name is Penelope, and I am an Airedale Terrier. I was born in Ohio, and right now, I live in Ohio with my people (they call themselves Mom and Dad, but I consider them more like the pretty lady-maid and that ugly guy that feeds me and walks me), my brother cat, Winston, and soon, very soon, my new liddle brother, Linus. Linus is a Lakeland Terrier, and this will be his blog site too.

In February, 2009, I am six months old. I have been living with my people for about 2 months, and I think I really like them, although I can't really let them know or they will get the big head. They are fun though to watch and interact with.

This is me, in the snow in January. It snowed a LOT in January, but that was pretty cool, cause I like playing snow shovel.
Hopefully, I will write more later. But for today, I just wanted to say, "Hello, and here I am!"
Oh, and a big hello to Stanley in Gooberstan for helping me get on this blog site. "HI STANLEY"


  1. Sweet Penelope!

    Hey, yourself! It's good to see your fuzzy face and to know that I and everyone in blogland will be able to watch your adventures ~ especially as you learn to live with your new brother. Can't wait to get to know you better and Linus too.

    Be sure to enjoy that snow while you have it. Summer is coming and it gets mighty hot for us Dales.

    Goober love & smooches,

  2. Ciao bella Penelope!

    I'm Lucia, a 7-month-old Aire-girl who's also just getting started with a bloggie, so you and I have lots in common! Mia ragazza (that's 'my girl' in Italian) 'dopted me in late September last year and in just five or so months, I've managed to turn her casa upside down and inside out!! We Airedales... so magical and talented!

    Welcome to you, your cat-bud Winston and your soon-to-arrive little fratello, Linus (what a cutie patootie!). I would love to hang out with you, mia amica!

    Tanti baci!